The History of Soccer in the US

football-stadiumAlthough soccer is not a major sport in the US, the record of soccer in United States is just one of the longest about, close to that of the English or the Scottish.

When the English soccer leagues wanted to develop a set of policies for the game of soccer, they were brought to America, where US citizens learned how to enjoy this rising sporting activity, alongside one more game that grew strong origins in the United States back then, which was baseball. the American Football Association is the second earliest sporting organization in the US, after MLB.

Clearly, the soccer in America didn’t begin with a specific organization (like the ones we have now). The AFA was established in the 19th century, with semi-professional competitors using New England and Midwest locations. It was a rather unnatural surrounding in which to play soccer, nevertheless, it existed and also proceeding with yearly.

A parallel soccer company, the American Amateur Football Association was created around the same time and the two existed together until the early 1900s, when they merged into the United States Football Association, the 1st professional soccer organization in the history of soccer in the US.

The USFA, America’s soccer organization at the time, was just one of the first to join the ranks at FIFA and also as such, the USA group took part in the very early World Cup, although the game was beginning to be outperformed by baseball or basketball.

With football likewise on the rise, the company embraced a new name to prevent any kind of confusion and called itself the United States Soccer Football Association. Nonetheless, the US football record would quickly witness an amendment in its organization name in ‘74, when the USSFA got rid of the word “football” and rather took on the title of US Soccer Federation, which is what it is referred to today.

So many will ask themselves, if the record of soccer in US begins so early, how come soccer is not the main sporting activity in U.S.A? Well, the fact is that the small performances from the men national side in the 20th century, integrated with the growth of interest in other American sports, meaning the other most popular four US sports, the nation quickly lost interest in soccer, and as American children had numerous options, soccer gradually went out of style.

I personally wish to see the sporting activity of soccer grow in the USA.

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